Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trying for another home away from home

I'm away with people I don't know typing away on a keyboard unfamiliar with its stiff keys and uncomfortable sound. It's so different. I miss my terabithia desparately. My only consilation is that it's not gone forever. Or at least so they tell me. My greatest fear is that it is and no one will know the love I found for that place as I do.

As much as I try, this place doesn't hold its arms out waiting for me to once again surround myself by the wind in the trees, the hoofbeats in a dusty corral in the afternoon heat, and the cries of girls I've watched grow from daisy to caddette.

I mourn at its almost loss that I fear will disappear before my eyes.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So near...

It's almost over.

Just one more time to prove myself worthy of the grade and then I'm done until next time.

I'm almost there.

Then on to what?

That I cannot be exactly sure of, but that's ok. That's life. and that's exactly why I love life so much. For the mystery. For the adventure of simply not knowing.

But its not exactly easy, this not knowing thing. But I think I can do it.