Friday, December 28, 2007


So I'm spending the rest of my holidays with friends and the boy.

It's a new year soon and hopefully a new party in a new place and job.

In just over a week, I will be pulling out my roots and re potting myself in Georgia.

Because of such I'm breaking the tradition of not making resolutions.

In this new year, I want to...

Eat healthier.

I'm not a wanna be health nut. I still plan on eating ice cream every time I feel like it. I am still of the opinion that I can justify anything. Ice cream does have calcium after all. But I also realise that eating nothing all day except six oranges and half a bag of chips is not all that helpful.

Smile more.

I'm told I have a beautiful smile. Although I'm still doubtful that there is little about it that is all that special except that I tend to pull it out more than most. This past year has been kind of rough for multiple reasons and my smile hasn't been out as often as it use to. There's always a bright side. I believe in the power of a smile and a kind word. I can change the world with just that.

Keep in touch.

I have this horrible habit of letting good friends fall by the wayside. If they don't keep track of me, I don't find the time to keep track of them. The one promise I break the most is the one where I promise to keep in touch. Lost friendships because of lack of effort hurt the most. I'm not going to give up on people anymore.

Love more.

'Nuff Said.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wrapped Up

I woke up this morning wrapped up in M's arms. I absolutely love that feeling.
Nevermind several thousand awkward moments meeting his family for the first time. Yipes!
Hope you all got to spend Christmas with your loved ones.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It was just a kiss.
That's what I told him. It didn't mean anything.
But when does a kiss really mean nothing?
This kiss was about a missed opportunity. A crush that never quite made it through.
It was a promise that maybe someday.
It was a lie that I never wanted anything more.
The first was a gift.
The second...
well that one was a wish.

A Big Girl Now

So I've been way behind on keeping this thing up. I'm going to try to be better but you know me... I always promise then end up giving up and starting all anew when I feel the ridiculous urge to write.
I'm a grown up now. I've officially graduated college. I even got that pretty little peice of paper in the mail yesterday to prove it. It's got my name on it and everything. I've been picked up by my collar and thrown out of a comfortable daily schedule of life into the real world when I have to figure out what to actually do with the rest of my life. College degree notwithstanding.
I've even landed a job. In Georgia. I leave in less than a month.
I get my own appartment and everything.
*booty shake*
I'm wearing the big girl panties now.