Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lesson Learned

I think the thing that hit me the hardest when I actually got to camp that first couple of days was how much I actually missed the boy.
I don't get homesick. For anyone. Well, except for the pup.
And apparently the boy.
It took some adjustment that he wasn't just a phone call away and that I wasn't going to see him when work was done for the day. He wasn't there to describe the new experiences I was having, the new people I was dealing with...
I was a little shocked at myself how much I depended on having him near me all the time. And how much I had taken that for granted.

The big joke all summer was, of course, that I missed the pup more than I missed him. It wasn't true at all. I missed the boy desperately.

Camp is for learning about yourself.
Lesson learned I guess.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Damn Dog

Just for the record, having your dog pee on your bed is really annoying.

Especially because you never find until until you are really ready to go to bed and then you can't.
Instead of fondling your pillow, you have to strip your bed of its sheets, try your darndest to get the wet and smell out of the mattress topper, wash and dry the sheets and blankets, then remake the bed again. It's a whole issue.
And you can't really get mad at her, well, you can but she looks just so darn sorry after the fact when she knows she's in trouble that you don't have the heart to do anything worse but send her to her own bed after being outside for twenty minutes.
But then again, currently because of this issue I am up at 2:30 am writing in my blog that I have barely touched all year long. So some good can come out of having your bed pissed on after all.

Also, for the record, despite her messing my sleep schedule up by pissing on my bed, the damn dog is absolutely adorable.

How I spent my summer

I don't know how long its going to last but I'm trying for a more positive outlook in this blog. Life has been pretty eventful and boring at the same time however that works. So I'm going to try to turn a new leaf.
Let's see where this new path leads us.
Change can be good.
I worked at a summer camp this summer out here in northern California.
It was beautiful.
I giggled and squealed more than I care to admit.
It was hard.
I cried more than I care to admit.
It was thrilling.
I didn't sing nearly enough.
It was terrifying.

And I kinda want to do it again.

Hopefully more entertaining stories to come.